Sunday, 13 January 2013

LAYWOO-D3 first tests

I have been curious about the LAYWOO-D3 filament, so I decided to get a bit for test purposes.
LAYWOO-D3  is a new FDM filament that contains wood particles binded by a polymer.
The particularity of this filament is that layer colour can be controled by varying the extrusion nozzle temperature in a range from 175°C to 250°C.

Started printing a part with LAYWOO-D3 on my 3D printer and imediatelly realised that travel speeds have to be reduced to about 50mm/s on my ultimaker if a print is to become successfull and have been plaged with extruder slips and a bit of temporary clogging of the nozzle, although this can be atributed to the extruder miss behaviour.

So far this is as far I got to:

I will try to resume my tests later in the week.